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5 Apps to Hack Someone’s iPhone Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Technology has been one of the most important factors in our lives that keeps us connected for the past couple of years. And with the number of phone users surge to billions, thanks to the many benefits it provides, there has been an equal rise in digital crimes and online abuse related to mobile and internet.

Fortunately, developers come up a way for you to snoop in and show you how to hack someone’s text messages from another phone as well as monitoring their mobile and internet activity. Whether you are a worried parent or a concerned employer, these spy apps for iOS devices will collect all mobile data you need and give you peace of mind.

5 Best Apps to hack a phone to read texts



NEXSPY has evolved as one of the best apps to hack cell phone text messages as well as spying on mobile activities. Not only that, NEXSPY also allows you to monitor and track all kind of IM chat apps such as Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Tinder, and more, call logs, location, internet activities and even advanced features such as keylogger, access to media files and application activities, data capturing and alerts.
With a good range of useful feature, it is no wonder why NEXSPY is rated as one of the top-performing spy apps for iOS today. Not only that, but this app is also secure and safe, super easy to install and setup. It runs in the background and stays hidden from the owner of the target phone so that they will never find out that you are spying on them.


NEXSPY spy app is compatible with all iOS version up to iOS 11.4.1. To install the app, you need access to the target iPhone and iPad and requires that the target device is jailbroken first. Also, it needs to be connected to the internet to finish the setup.


NEXSPY can be availed and paid in 3 billing schedule – monthly, quarterly and yearly. For iPhone devices, NEXSPY offers a monthly bill of $39. You get 50% OFF if you choose the quarterly billing which costs you $87 every 3 months, which would only be $29 a month. For the yearly billing schedule, you need to pay $228 per year with only $19 per month.

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The pricing is quite different for the iPad license. Monthly billing cost you $44 while quarterly billing only cost you $96 every 3 months. For the yearly plan, you will have to pay $252 every year which is equivalent to $21 per month.



Another great spying app for 2019, mSpy is among the most recommended monitoring app for iPhone users. Just like NEXSPY, it is also packed with several features which allow you to control an iPhone device. It allows you to remotely see what’s happening to the target phone, hack cell phone text messages, GPS tracking, and snoop into the phone’s web and app history.
After installing the app on the target phone, the mSpy icon will not be displayed so that you will remain 100% invisible to the target phone. The app updated information about all activities on the target device every 5 minutes, so you won’t have to miss anything.


As far as compatibility is concerned, mSpy is compatible with all iOS versions from 7 up to 9.1. However, versions 7 – 9.1 requires you to jailbreak the target phone to use the app. However, there are versions of the app that allows you to install it on non-jailbroken iOS devices.


mSpy offers 3 plans – Basic and Premium and the No-Jailbreak package. These packages are then divided into 3 subscriptions— monthly, quarterly and yearly. For the Basic package, it cost you $29.99 per month. While both the Premium Plan and No-Jailbreak package cost $69.99 per month.



TrackMyFone is one of the best iPhone hack text message app for worried parents who are looking to secure their kid’s mobile activity. This app not only allows you to monitor the phone activity but also remotely control the phone for your convenience and peace of mind.

You can monitor all texts, calls, emails and IM chats as well as allowing you to control screen time, manage installed apps and geolocating. What’s best about this control app is that there is no download, installation, and jailbreaking required. You only need the iCloud credential of the target device to pair it with yours so you can check and monitor activities in no time.


This app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone devices that run on iOS 6.0 to the latest iOS 12.4.


TrackMyFone offers one of the most affordable plans in the market. It offers a single package which can be subscribed for a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis. This spying app for iPhone can be used for as low as $6.25 per month!


Another simple but feature-rich spy in the market today is the 9Tracker. This app allows you to monitor calls, GPS locations, internet activity, hack text messages without access to phone and so much more!
In addition, this app require you to jailbreak the target iPhone device and can be used without any access to the said device.


Highster Mobile is compatible with all iOS version devices and you have to install it through their OTA or over the air method to download the app.


The app offers a single pricing package that costs $80 and is valid for a year. If you want, you can also add a warranty to your product for an extra $30.



Spyera is a mid-range iPhone spying app which has all the basic features from monitoring call logs to tracking instant messages. In addition, it has a few advanced features such as recording and listening of incoming and outgoing calls.

It is super easy to install and features a user-friendly web control panel. After subscription, all updates and remote upgrades are free.


The app lacks compatibility for latest iOS versions and is only available for iPhones with iOS 10.2 versions.


Spyera offers a single license for iPhone which $32 per month. An iPad license, on the other hand, only cost $24 per month. Each pricing also offers 3 subscription category – 3 months, 6 months and the yearly subscription which saves you up to 50 percent.