How to Block Websites on the iPhone

Parents are worried about the adult content available on the internet easily and the children can have easy access to these content. That is why many parents are seeking some help to take control of their kid’s access to the internet. Many parents want to block their children from browsing through these websites on their iPhone. Fortunately, there are some software tools inbuilt into the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that permits the parents to take control and prevent their children from visiting those kind inappropriate websites.

Actually, these tools are very adaptable and they can do more than just blocking some websites. These tools can also be utilized to generate some websites so the children can use view only these websites.

Restrictions – The feature you need

Restrictions feature facilitates you to block internet access to certain websites. This feature allows you to turn off features, prevent a particular type of communication, and hide apps, and most significantly it blocks content. These setting are safeguarded by a passcode so the children cannot get access easily or they can’t change them easily. Iphone parental controls of NEXSPY

The restrictions feature are in-built in iOS the OS that runs on the iPad and iPhone. So, the feature already exists in the device so you don’t need to download any software or app or sign up for a service to guard your kids.

How to block websites on the iPhone using restrictions?

You just need to turn on restrictions option to block websites; all that you need to do is follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone tap Settings
  • Go to General
  • Now, press Restriction option
  • And press enable button to start restrictions
  • Now, enter a 4-digit passcode to secure the settings. Make sure to generate the passcode that your kids won’t able to guess right
  • To confirm it, enter the passcode again

Once you follow these instructions, you can begin the restrictions feature and it stops the unwanted content from viewing by your children. These steps can help you block adult websites.

Now, go to the permitted content section on the Restrictions Screen and Tap Websites. Press on limit adult content. On the top left corner of the restrictions option tap on the settings app and you can block adult sites and it saves automatically and it is protected by the passcode.

To block the adult content from viewing by your children, the Restriction is an amazing feature to have and it is also very wide. This features not just blocks websites that contain adult content and also restricts some other slips through.

Apple cannot rate each and every website available on the internet, and this why today, people are relying on their-party ratings that are not particularly perfect or full. If you identified that your children are still able to get access to these restricted websites, then you have to choose from the other two options.

Restrict web browsing to accepted and approved sites only

Instead of depending just on Restrictions feature to stop the children viewing adult websites, you can also use the feature to produce a set of websites so you can allow your children to view these websites that are just perfect for your kids. This can give you more predictability and control and these websites contain good content developed for kids. The best thing to do is, instead of restricting adult content, tap on only specific websites. Parents can do to keep control child’s iphone

The iPhone has a built-in set of websites, including PBS Kids, Disney, Apple, Kids National Geographic, and more. You can take out the sites from this list just by following these simple steps:

  • Press Edit
  • Press the red circle placed next to the website that you want to remove
  • Now, press Delete
  • All these above steps need to be repeated to remove all those websites that you want to remove
  • Once you remove all the website, then press Done
  • To include a new website to this given list, then follow these simple steps:
  • To include a new website to list, type the name of the website that you want to add in the title field.
  • Type the address of the website in the URL field (ex: http://www.
  • Repeat the process for every website that you want to add to the list

Once you finish adding the websites to the list, then press websites to go back to the earlier screen. Here you can see all the added websites and they are saved automatically. If your children try to go to the website that is not on the provided list, then they will get a message that says the website is blocked. However, you can see an allow website link that permits you to add the website to approved list quickly only if you know the passcode for Restrictions.

Other options for kid-friendly web browsing

If you feel the built-in tool in the iPhone for blocking adult websites is not flexible or powerful enough, then you can choose other options. You can install other web browser apps on your iPhone. You can use Restrictions feature to stop Safari and on your kids’ devices leave only one of them as the web browser. Some of these options include:

For Education, MetaCert Safe Browser: This particular browser works only on the iPad. It offers personalized blocking and filtering and also it offers to report for parents. This particular app costs 7.99 US dollars and includes in-app purchases of 0.99 dollars and 1.99 dollars Available at the App Store.

Mobicip Safe Browser: It contains a free version with essential features or paid tiers that offers more coverage to parents. The capacity to set the time limit on the usage of the internet and the app can support up to five devices. This app is free to download, but the subscription is 39.99 dollars per year.

You can also look for other content blocking options as just blocking adult content is not enough to control your kids’ access, you should also block other content options on your child’s iPhone, iPad, etc. You can block explicit lyrical music, stop in-app purchases, and much other stuff using other options instead of using only the Restrictions feature.

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